Methods Of strawberry freeze taco bell Domination

Taco Bell just unveiled their Flamin’ Doritos Hot LOC Tacos. It knows that you need something equally delicious to drink it down with. Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze is the perfect drink.

On April 17, the Mexican fast-food restaurant announced the frozen beverage via Instagram. It’s a strawberry-flavored beverage, as you may have guessed¬†

strawberry freeze taco bell. It is unique because it contains mixed candy pieces that give you a little crunch. It kind of looks like a watermelon in the cup. But it’s strawberry-flavored? You can go with it.

It tastes just like wild strawberries. A freeze is nothing without personality. A Strawberry Freeze is all you need. It’s worth it. “Find out if your location can handle the intense flavor.”¬†

The description states.

This limited-edition 20-ounce drink costs $2.69. It’s suitable for children aged four and up, as small candy pieces are inside the glass.

Combining fruity flavors with frozen drinks automatically makes it summer-y. The Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze is a delicious option with your Taco Bell order.