Choosing Fortnite bundles Is Simple

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free download game. But that won’t stop the creators from getting their mega-hit onto store shelves this holiday season. Epic Games and Warner Brothers have teamed up to create a new Fortnite cosmetic bundle that can be downloaded and sold in stores. Epic Games’ Fortnite bundles will bundle together $80 worth of in-game cosmetics at $29.99. It will be available for download on Nov. 5. fortnite


The fortnite Bundle includes three new Legendary skins and three Legendary dual-wield pickaxes. It also contains three Legendary back blings, three Epic Wraps, and one new emote. This Fortnite bundle will include 13 new items.


Fortnite bundles in the past usually included only one or two skins and a few cosmetics. These bundles were specific to a particular platform, such as the Xbox or PlayStation skins. However, Deep Freeze bundles were available on multiple platforms, including bundles like Deep Freeze. The fortnite Bundle is available at retail and online retailers for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This bundle is currently exclusive to the console.